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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lush Cocktail | #2

Welcome to my second post in the mini Lush Cocktail series. This time i have used a very weird combination. I aimed to choose scents that you wouldnt normally put together to see what would happen! It actually smelt amazing, and left my skin feeling and smelling great all day! I do suffer from dry skin so i love to have a soak in the bath with some lovely bath melts from lush. And with this bath i was not dissapointed.

I used the Bombardino Bath Bomb, Melting Snowman Bath Melt and the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar! 
Bombardino contains cocoa butter and sicilian lemon oil, which leaves your skin feeling really soft and full of moisture. Lush take their inspiration from the drink Bombardino which is made using eggnog and brandy. You really can tell, it smells delicious.Lush describe the scent as "lemon meringue pie". I absolutely love this smell and it turns your bath a lovely yellow colour, which obviously comes down to preference, but i love it.

The Melting Snowman contains cocoa butter and shea butter so is extra moisturising . It also smells like almonds and oranges. A weird combination but  it is so relaxing mixed with the lemony smell of Bombardino. It smells really fresh.

Candy Mountain, smells like sweets! It smells delicious, and leaves lovely pearly glitter in the water. This also contains vanilla which just adds to the smell!

And I still have many uses out of the bath melt and bubble bar left! Win win. I like how you can use them more then once, and I will be using them together again! I know it doesn't sound very nice, but it is amazing!

I am not sure about Candy Mountain but i realise that the others are from the Christmas Collection so might not still be in store, however, it is what i use so i thought you guys would be interested anyway. Its not too early to make a christmas list for next year, right? :)


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