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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Mini Lush Haul!

So i love Lush products at the moment!
Like, absolutely love them!
So i thought i would do a mini haul/review post on what i have bought in the last few weeks! I also ordered some more stuff online which are on their way to me, so i will do reviews on them once i have had time to actually use them and come to a verdict! But for now i have five products which i would love to share with you all.

Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream

                      Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream, 60g,  £4.15 
So the first thing that i bought was an solid hand cream. Of course during the winter your skin goes through hell, and i suffer from dry skin anyway so my skin definitely needs a pick me up. Especially my hands. Before buying this about a week ago my hands were all dry, and sore. A few days after starting to use this product, my hands were soft and moisturised. I have tried every hand cream that you could ever think of, and this is by far the BEST! I hate hand creams which are so oily that they leave your hands feeling all greasy and heavy. This is oily, but it sinks into your skin quickly, leaving them feel and smell SO clean! 

Lush's description of this product
"We start this product by making a decoction of water, sago and safflower petals to repair and calm the skin. Then to this we add an array of moisturising ingredients; cocoa butter, fairtrade shea butter, argan oil and aloe vera extract."

You might think that is a little expensive, however, it is totally worth the extra few pounds!

Tender In The Night

                          Tender Is The Night Massage Bar, 30g, £4.50
Next up is probably my new favourite body moisturiser! I have eczema so i have always used my Diprobase (Strong moisturiser for eczema) or E45, both products that i swear by. However, once i smelt this i couldn't resist trying it. It smells so nice! Its a mixture of vanilla and jasmine! Yum! My skin just feels so soft, and it also smells nice too :) I love it. The only downside to this product is that it does leave your skin feeling a little heavy and greasy, and it doesn't last very long. I have used it twice and it has nearly gone. But i can look past that because of how lovely it makes my skin smell. It is also one of the only moisturisers which hasn't made me come out in a rash, so it is great for people with sensitive skin like me. I don't know yet whether i will repurchase this particular massage bar, but i am eager to try some more.

Lush's description of this product:

"This gorgeous little vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang scented bar may just be the most romantic product we’ve ever come up with. Tender is the Night is the world’s first soft-centred massage bar, with a light shea and murmuru butter shell that crushes easily in the hand to reveal a fondant core." 

Breath of Fresh Air, Bubblegum lip scrub, Ultrabland

Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water, 100g,  £3.95
I love the smell of this toner, it smell so fresh, and it makes my skin look fresh for a while. Then my skin goes blotchy and red. Which is a shame because i really do love what the short term effects on my skin are. I was told that this toner was okay for sensitive skin, but mine is obviously a little to sensitive for this. However, i definitely recommend this to anybody who unlike me doesn't suffer from sensitive skin and feels that their skin needs a pick me up throughout the day. For that purpose this was very successful :)

Lush's description of this Product:

"A blend of sea water to soften and hydrate the skin. Carrageen seaweed and aloe gel delicately coat the skin to lock in moisture, preventing further dehydration.Great for use any time throughout the day as a pick-me-up for skin and mind. Perfect for people on long haul flights, where cabin pressure seems to suck all life from the skin."

Bubblegum Lip Scrub, 25g, £5.25
This is by far my favourite item from this haul!
I wish i had found this little lifesaver sooner!
I have always suffered from dry and cracked lips, especially during the winter!
It also smells and tastes really nice. I don't know whether this is a good or bad thing because i constantly want to eat it, and its not like it is cheap. I use this once a day and have been using it for the past two weeks and have only used about a quarter of the tub, so it is definitely good value for money. They come in different flavours, I have just bought the popcorn flavoured one too :)

Lush's description of this product:

"The pink all things girly, bubblegum flavour lip scrub.
Clears dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth."

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser, 45g, £6.75
I have a confession to make! I have never used a cleanser before this one, i always use my trusty Primark Aloe Vera Face Wipes (£1) and My Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub (£3.99 form Boots) when my skin gets really bad. But i love this! I have nothing to compare this to, but its great. It has gotten rid of all of my red, dry patches on my face. And since using it i haven't had to use my moisturiser at all, which to me is a plus, because it could save me some money. Its great for sensitive skin, i have had no problems what so ever. My skin just feels so soft and clean. Now, he would kill me for saying this but even my boyfriend likes to put some of this on his face. I will definitely be repurchasing this again!
I have nothing bad to say about it! Worth every penny and more.

Lush's description of this product:

"A rich, soft, oily cleansing cream that cares gently for all skin types.
Softens the skin whilst thoroughly cleaning it – this product is super effective at its job.
Based on an ancient beeswax and vegetable oil formula from the times of Galen, the Greek physician and philosopher, this product will lift dirt, grease and make up from the skin, without stripping away your skin's natural defences."

When i went into Lush i also got a free sample of their Shower Gel, Its Raining Men, which i still need to use! I will therefore review this with my next little Lush Haul, which will be coming in the next few weeks/days :)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and have seen something that you fancy! I recommend all Lush products to everybody. They are all made from natural ingredients, so are therefore better for your skin and body than any other skincare brand, because they do not contain any extra preservatives.
Goodbye for now 
Lots of Love 



Monday, 21 January 2013

My little clear out!


Just a quick post to let you all know that i have had a massive wardrobe clear out! Because unfortunately i ran out of room to store my clothes! ( even when i have two full size wardrobes ) I definitely have a shopping addiction!!!

Anyway, i have posted everything on Ebay. If you fancy having a look i have a Tab at the top of my blog which links you straight to my selling page. Have a gander you might find something that you like :)

Happy shopping :)
Bye Bye

Ellie xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Liebster Blog Award!

I got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award!!!!! WOW.

Now, i hadn't actually heard of this until a few days ago, but i am pretty excited!
Thank you to Rachel from Beauty In My Words for nominating me :) that means a lot. And to all who are reading this, you should follow her, she has a great blog.
After researching The Liebster Award i found out that it is an award that was created to recommend blogs with less than 200 followers. This award is passed on from blog to blog.The rules to vary a bit but they are as follows:

  • List 11 random facts about yourself 
  • Answer the 11 questions which are given to you by your nominator
  • Ask 11 new questions for all the bloggers that you nominate to win the award
  • Nominate 9 bloggers with less than 200 followers to win the award
  • Go to each of the blogger's pages to let them know about their nomination
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you by mentioning them and link it back to their blog on your post

Here goes...

11 Facts About Me:
  1. I am Welsh. From North Wales.
  2. This blog is the only New Years resolution that i have made that has actually lasted longer than a week.
  3. I am addicted to scented candles i have about ten in my room at the moment. I just love them. I haven't gone all out and bought a Yankee candle yet but i fancy the Fresh Cotton one. Its smells so clean and fresh!
  4. I used to be in a Duet, and have been on Welsh Radio and performed in various places including the Welsh National Eisteddfod.
  5. I want to travel the world once i have finished university. I especially, would love to travel around Germany and Poland because i have an fascination with the World Wars.
  6. I have 12 GCSE's, 4 A-levels and a first year of a BA (Hons) in performing arts (ongoing).
  7. I am a weekend supervisor on childrens wear in Primark. And i actually LOVE my job, which is one thing that two years ago i never thought i would say.
  8. I moan that i have too many clothes ( they are piled on my floor) yet i cant help buying more. I cant help myself.
  9. My favourite beauty product has got to be my LUSH ultraband cleanser! It has done my skin absolute wonders! And i will be doing a review soon.
  10. My dream is to be an actress in an West End show!
  11. My boyfriend has a puppy called Tammy, she is a little Jack Russel :) I like to think that she is mine.

My questions from Rachel were:

  1. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you take with you and why?
  2. What is your favourite perfume?
  3. Favourite skin care brand?
  4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  5. Would you rather wear no eye make-up or no foundation?
  6. What inspired you to create a blog?
  7. Share your best beauty tip.
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. When did you first start wearing make-up and what did you wear?
  10. Who is your favourite Youtube beauty guru?
  11. What are your top 3 current favourite songs?

  1. My phone, whether it would survive the journey onto the island, or whether or not it would be any use in calling for help would be something that i would have to find out. I would also take a blanket and some water.
  2. This is a hard question because i am stuck between two at the moment. Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Rhianna's perfume Reb'l fleur.
  3. LUSH! I love their moisturisers, solid moisturisers, hand creams, toners, cleansers. EVERYTHING!
  4. People who push in front when there is a queue! I HATE it when people do that. I am getting annoyed just thinking about it.
  5. No foundation. I rarely wear it anyway, but i could never go out without any mascara on.
  6. I don't really know what inspired me,i just enjoy reading other peoples blogs and wanted to share some of my experiences with other people :)
  7. I don't really have a tip. I don't really do anything different to everyone else. I do recommend that people with dry skin get the LUSH Ultrabland though, it does wonders.
  8. To act in the West End :) or to own/design my own clothes line. That would be good. 
  9. I haven't been wearing make-up for very long. Since i was 15 i think so about 4 years. the first thing that i ever wore was mascara, i cant live without it.
  10. Zoella. I love her blog as well. Suppose you could say that she inspired me.
  11. Kesha - Die Young, Taylor Swift - I knew you were trouble and Swedish House Mafia - Don't you worry child.

My questions are:
  1. Mascara or lipstick?
  2. Favourite all time beauty product?
  3. Which beauty brand do you swear by?
  4. How long have you been blogging for?
  5. What inspired you to write a blog?
  6. Mexican or Italian food?
  7. Dream occupation?
  8. Do you just blog or do you also vlog?
  9. What is your favourite clothes brand?
  10. What is your favourite season?
  11. Hot chocolate or Tea?

I nominate:

Friday, 18 January 2013

My favourite lipstick at the moment.

I am sitting at my boyfriends waiting for him to come home from work, and i thought why not do a short post on my favourite lipstick at the moment. I say the 'moment' because my favourite lipstick seems to change quite regularly. (maybe because i love/buy lipsticks too much)

My favourite lipstick at the moment is from TOPSHOP! I have actually briefly mention this lipstick in a previous post, so you might have guessed already which one it is.

How cute is the packaging? I love it.

Anyway, if you have read any of my previous posts you will not be suprised by what i am about to say next.


 Its called CHARMED and is a velvety/moisturising lipstick which gives a matte finish. (I also love Matte Finish lipsticks at the moment, LOVE THEM!)

It is hard to find a nice orange lipstick but i have definately hit the jackpot with this one. I would say that it is coraly with a few hints of pink. I just love the colour. If you are looking for a nice orange lipstick i recommend this.

They do retail at £8 which is a bit steep, when you can get a MAC lipstick for like £6 more. However, it is totally worth it, they are long lasting, and since using this my lips have become smooth and moisturised.

So that is my favourite lipstick at the moment. There will definately be more posts like this, because as i have already mentioned my favourite lipstick changes often.

Thank you for reading :)


Me wearing Topshop - Charmed :)

P.s Its snowing outside (YAY), so i had hat hair and thought why not just wear my hat. Its an owl :) from Primark, incase you are wondering. :) 

Lipstick sealers/Topshop lipsticks.

I have only really tried two lipstick sealers, and that is because i managed to find one that i like on the second try.

Which is the Lipcote Lipstick Sealer 7ml

I got this from (A website i recommend to beauty lovers) for £3.79, which was  cheaper than the first lipstick sealer that i tried which was the Maybelline Lipstick Locker, that cost me around £5-ish.

The Maybelline one is okay, it kept my lipstick on for a few hours, but i found that everytime i put it on it really stung my lips, and this is the reason why I got the Lipcote one. It also didnt come with any instructions on how to use it.

The Lipcote one does, and i thought this was very useful because i had no idea how to put it on properly. It doesnt sting my lips and my Lipstick LASTED FOR HOURS AND HOURS! I put it on did a 4 hour shift at work, came home had some food and drink and my lipstick was still on and full of vibrant colour! I was pretty amazed at how effective this stuff was. I even took pictures to show you guys! It is still on now, an crazy 8 hours after applying it. I am so impressed with this.

             (Top: First Applied Bottom: 7 hours later)

Lipstick is Topshop - Brighton Rock
As you can see the colour is still vibrant and noticeable, it hasnt faded much at all! When you consider that i have eaten and drank (which in themselves will make most lipsticks disappear) and have been wearing the lipstick for 7 hours, it looks PRETTY.DAMN. GOOD!

I cant even express in words how impressed i am with this!
If you wear lipstick everyday like me then you NEED to buy this. No questions asked. This is definately going to be featured in a favourites post that i have planned for you guys.

Heres the link!

Just incase you want to invest...


Another thing which i wanted to mention briefly in this post are the Topshop Lipsticks. I bought some the other day and i LOVE them! I bought two. Of course one of them had to be an orange (because i am obsessed) and one had to be a pink.  I got the colours Charmed (orange) and Brighton Rocks (pink).

They retail at £8 which i thought was pretty expensive, however, they are so worth it! They are so silky and moisturising, and the colours are so pigmented and long lasting. They are worth every penny! Their lipstick range is quite small and all of the colours are vibrant, so they might not be for everybody, but they really are so pretty. I recommend them to everybody!

I am new to Topshop make-up but i am very impressed with these lipsticks, and also their nail varnishes which are equally as good!

I will definately be investing in some more of these soon.

Thank you for reading my post. If anybody has any questions or anything comment below :) i am always happy to answer.




Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Miracle that is Morocccan Argan Oil!


My plan for today was to write loads of reviews and hauls for all you lovely people to read :) However, late last night i remembered that i had work all day today :(


So my plan kind of went down the drain. I do however have time to write one very short review on Moroccan Argan oil. In particular the Organix Moroccan Argan oil Serum 100ml which retails at £6.99 in Boots :)

So judging by the price i dont think this is actually pure Argan Oil and i do not have the bottle to hand to actually find out. If it is, then it is ridiculosly cheap! But it still has great effects on my hair.


I bleach my hair often and also put heat onto my hair almost daily so before i started using Argan oil it was very damaged and dry. Since using Argan oil (A year and a half-ish) i have seen a tremendous change in my hairs health. Little to NO split ends, my hair is no longer lifeless, it is shiny and silky. I am so happy with how healthy my hair is now.

For anyone who does not know what Argan oil is, it is an oil which you put on your hair to deeply condition it. I rub a small amount onto my fingertips and into my hair everytime that i style it, aslong as you dont put it onto the roots of your hair it wont look at all greasy because it is so light. It just makes my hair look so silky and shiny, and whenever i curl my hair it manages to keep my curls looking full for longer.
I also put it into the bottoms of my hair after i have washed it and just before i blow dry it, so i would say that i put it on 3 times a week. Whenever my hair starts to feel dry or i think it is looking a bit lifeless i will cover all of my hair in the oil leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it out in the shower. The results are great!

I recommend that you all go and get this :) its great for all hair types. Your hair will always need a little pick me up once in a while :)

I dread to think what my hair would be like if i hadn't have found this! Lifesaver!

And this is the end of my very short post :)

Thank you for reading. <3



Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

This is just going to be a super quick post on the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains which i HAD to tell you about.

I bought this the other day, simply because it was on offer in Boots for £5 when they normally retail for £7.99. And I am actually super, crazy In love with it!

(The packaging has a twistable end, so there is more product then what you see on this picture)

They only had 7 different colours there which isn't much choice, but the colours are so pretty and I am now tempted to go and get some more! (I need to get the orange one. I am totally obsessed with orange lipsticks!)

I decided to get the red coloured one called:

045 Romantic 

I have tried so many lip stains and none of them seem to either work, last or look any good! There are two lipstains which i do NOT recommend anyone wasting their money on, and these are:

  1. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstain. Infact i wouldn't really recommend any of their lip products. 
  2. Max Factor Lasting Lip Tint. I bought two of these thinking that they would be great, because everyone was raving about them, but they really aren't very good, AT ALL!
These two products are definately not very good for people, like me, who suffer from dry lips. The stain shows every piece of dry skin on your lips, it is just horrible! YUCK! However the Revlon Balm Stain is perfect! It moisturises your lips as well as giving it some long, lasting colour!

The colours of the Maybelline and Max Factor do look nice.... until you put them on. They are so BRIGHT and artificial! They really are disgusting, they look almost neon. Not.Nice. As i have already mentioned the Revlon Balm Stain colours are so girly and pretty. The colour that you see is the colour that you get! I suppose you could say that they are like tinted lip balms. The colour isnt too pigmented, but it is pigmented enough to make the colour noticeable. (I am awful at explaining, but they look LOVELY)

Another problem with the Max factor and the Maybelline lip stains, is that they are so hard to put on! They are definately not for putting on when you are without a mirror and a few spare minutes. It is actually like trying to write onto your lips with a felt tip pen. It takes such a long time to 'colour in' your lips! and because it is a stain you have to make sure that you apply it exactly right/evenly onto your lips. 

IT IS TOO MUCH EFFORT! Especially when you have to keep applying every half an hour. (They definately do not last the 16 hours or whatever it is that they are meant to last, they dont even last an hour) HOWEVER, the Revlon Balm Stain is so easy to apply, and because it is a balm it is super quick and does not need a mirror. I literally slap it on and rub my lips together to spread the balm evenly and wah la! Done. Ten seconds tops. AND it lasts for hours!

It also smells minty! If you have read my Rimmel Lipsticks post you will know that i LOVE nice smelling lipsticks! It just smells so nice on my lips. Yum.

So this was meant to be a quick post so i am going to leave you with this! I think you should all go and get one of these before the offer runs out, or just get one full price i would say its worth every penny! When mine runs out i will definately be repurchasing. Also before i started using this product my lips were all dry, now they are nice and moisturised, and this has happened in the space of two days! They are that good! Buy one now! Do it.... You know you want to :) I do...

Thank you for reading my SECOND EVER blog post! I promise that they will not all be about lip products, however, i just love them at the moment!




(Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - 045 Romantic)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rimmel Lipsticks!

I have an crazy OBSESSION with lipstick!

My favourite drug store lipstick products that I have come across have got to be the Rimmel lipstick collections. I am a student so rarely have money to buy Mac and any other high end brands, so I have to make do with drug store make-up and the rare expensive treat :)

I have many Rimmel lipsticks so I have decided to chose my 5 all time favourites to talk about in my first ever BLOG POST! (Can you tell that I love them yet?)
So here they are, in all their glory!

Incase you cant see the numbers on the lipsticks I shall list them below:( left to right)

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rimmel collection - 05 - Effort Glam
Rimmel Lasting Finish collection - 016 - Heart Breaker
Rimmel Moisture Renew Collection - 180 - Vintage Pink
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Rimmel collection - 110 (no name)
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rimmel Lipstick - 08- Timeless All

In this picture I have messed up the order so here it is from top left to bottom right:

For some reason they havent given any names to the lipsticks in Kate Moss's matte collection which I think doesn't make them sound as Glamourous! I would best describe 110 as a dark coral / red colour. Haha! However I do love the packaging on her lipsticks which is matte, unlike the other Rimmel Lipsticks which have a shiny packaging. I actually really like the appearance of Rimmel Lipsticks, they all look so elegant, especially Kate Moss's collection which if you cant already tell, is my favourite Rimmel collection.

So this is pretty obvious but at the moment I am loving my pink lipsticks. I used to be scared of using bright colours on my face, however now I just cant get enough! Dont ever be scared of making that statement because it is totally worth it! I am very fair skinned, with blue eyes, and blonde hair. and when I put a statement colour on my lips it seems to completely tranform my face brightening it, as well as making my lips look extremely kissable (which is always a bonus ;) ). Of course not all people like their appearance when they wear bright lipsticks, its all about finding the right lipstick for your own complexion.

The main reasons why I absolutely love these lipsticks:

  1. There are affordable, retailing at between 4-6 pounds depending on offers and sellers.
  2. They come in a range of colours which isn't small enough to not have a particular colour or a near match to a colour that you are looking for, but isn't too big that you are overwhelmed with choices ( I personally hate too much choice, because I end up buying them all!)
  3. They ARE SOOO PIGMENTED! For a cheaper lipstick they are so pigmented! I love love love how easily the colour shows!
  4. They last on your lips, I normally reapply every few hours, which I don't think is bad! I have tried the Maybeline satin range, and I had to reapply ever ten minutes! Not good!
  5. They are so creamy and smooth on your lips, especially the Moisture Renew collection, they really are amazing and do what they are meant to! I have dry skin, so these really do help with moisturising my lips. They also don't highlight the dry skin on your lips which most lipsticks do, which is annoying, so I highly recommend them to people like me with dry skin.
  6. The packaging is stylish, sleek and simple :)
  7. THEY SMELL SO NICE! So I don't know if anyone else likes nice smelling lipsticks, but I DO! I think if a lipstick smells all plasticy like the ones you used to get when you were like 3 (Remember those?) then it wont be any good! At least thats the first impression that I get, so smell is important to me.  And all of these lipsticks have their own unique smells, which gives them that extra wow-factor. LOVE IT!

Here are some swatches! (Top to Bottom)

I just love these colours, they are so feminine, and can be worn everyday or for a special occassion! They are just fantastic!

I am recommending these lipsticks to all of you lovely people who are reading this Blog Post! Of course not everyone will agree with me, but I cannot rave about these enough! I have just ordered two more Rimmel lipsticks which are in a coral colour!I am really starting to rate orange / coral colours at the moment so I might do a post on these when I recieve them! YAY!

I hope somebody out there will read this and find it useful :)

Best Wishes,



  Me wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish - 016 - Heart Breaker (Everyday)

  Me wearing Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish - 110 ( Night Out)