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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Beauty Haul | Boots

I have a beauty haul for you guys today. First off i would like to mention that everything is from Boots, which if any of you are not from the UK is our main drug store. At the moment Boots have 70% off all of the  gift sets! So as you can imagine, i went a little bit crazy! As i am pretty excited by my bargains i thought i would share these with you first and then go onto what i bought for full price. Enjoy!

So first up i bought the Mark Hill 'Glam Blonde' gift set for my hair.

I have never tried any Mark Hill shampoo or conditioners, however, my hair is looking a bit dull and life less at the moment so i decided to treat it a little bit. I have also heard many great reviews about these products. This set also contains some hairspray; win win! A girl always needs hairspray, and an anti-humidity shine spray. Now my hair always gets frizzy in the summer heat, so i thought i would give this a try when it gets a little bit warmer. Full reviews will be coming shortly! What caught my attention the most, was the price, reduced from £10 to £3! You cant go wrong. Bargain!

Next up is more hair stuff... you can never have enough, right? This one is from James Brown London. I think it is probably a bad thing that i have never heard of this guy before, but i thought i would give it a try. This was also reduced from £10 to £3. This set is the Colour Enhance set. This also contains shampoo and conditioner, however, this one is targeted at chemically treated hair, rather than blond hair. My hair is bleached so i thought, why not? I am always going to have to use shampoo and conditioner so it isn't ever going to go to waste. This also contains a hairspray and a dry shampoo, which to be honest was the selling factor for me. I am always looking for a new dry shampoo, i am on a mission to find one which does not make my hair even whiter than it already is, so i am looking forward to giving this a try! Do any of you know any good dry shampoos?

My favourite purchase of all time!
This set was £25 reduced to £7.50!
I am slowly getting into Soap and Glory more, i have always loved their make-up but have never really tried anything else from them. I have had my eyes on their Puffy Eye Attack cream for a while now, this alone retails at £12.50, so BARGAIN! I snatched this up instantly, when i saw what it had inside it. Hopefully it will not disappoint me. I don't think it will. I have only ever heard great reviews about Soap and Glory so i have high expectations. I am always looking for new lip balms and this set contains their Smooch Operation lip balm, which smells gorgeous and i cannot wait to try. It also contains their Feel Good Factor clear BB cream, which excites me, due to the fact that all other BB creams that i have tried have made me look orange! Damn you pale skin! And of course their face wipes, which i am sure i will love. I cannot wait to review this!

That is all of the sale items that i have bought!

Now onto the full price items, and as you an see i have carried on the Soap and Glory theme! First up is the SUGAR CRUSH BODY SCRUB which costs £8! Sorry i got a little excited then! If you read my blog you will know why ; this was on my 2014 Wishlist!

I actually cannot wait to try this! It smells amazing, i was undecided until i smelt it, then i knew i just had to get it. Yum yum yum!

Next up are the Soap and Glory Fabulipsticks in the colours Perfect Day and Man Trap. I already have one of these in the colour Pom Pom, which is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time, so i cant wait to try these. They retail at £9 each, but don't let the price put you off. At the moment they are buy one get one half price at Boots. Man Trap is a lovely Coral red while Perfect Day is a my lips but better pink colour.

These beauties were also buy one get the second half price. I love Barry M Nail paints, they are so shiny and long lasting. They also come in beautiful colours and are only £2.99 each. The colours that i got are Raspberry and Matt white. I have wanted a white nail varnish for a while, so i just went for it.

Last but not least i bought some Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms in the colours Sultry and Standout. Standout is the red colour and sultry the pink mauve. These retail at £7.99 each. I absolutely love the Revlon Just bitten Kissable balm stains, i own every colour and for a few months used them everyday, and sometimes still do use them everyday for a week or so. Here is my review. So i jumped at the opportunity to buy these! I love Matte lipsticks at the moment, so why not? I am extremely excited to wear these, and then review them, i know i will not be disappointed. 

Finally, the end of the post. I feel like this has been extremely long. However, i hope you have found it useful or enjoyable, i know i love to read haul posts.


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