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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

EOS Smooth Sphere Lipbalm | Review

These are a miracle!
I am one of those people who have about a 100 different lip treatments, mainly because my lips are really dry all year around. I had never really found one that i was happy with until i came across this! I think EOS might be my lifesavers.I first discovered this while i was in college, when i saw one of my friends with one. (She actually has a blog! Check Jen out (here).
Since then i have been an addict and have probably used up like 5 of these, and have tried a massive range of flavours.
Excuse my chipped nails.
I have am just going to start with the two downsides to these products. The packaging is way too big to put into your pocket, and when the product starts to run out, you have to start to use your finger, and some of it you still cant get to. So as you can tell there are no major downsides to this lip balm, i am just being picky.

I ABSOLUTELY love these!
They smell so good! Especially the one in the picture, which is the mint one! They do their job perfectly, and they last a long time.They are a little pricey at around £6 in the UK, you also have to get them off sites such as eBay, because they are not sold in the UK, however, all of this is totally worth it.

I recommend these to everyone!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Favourite Lipsticks | Number Two.

As i said in my first favourite lipstick post (here) my favourite lipstick changes all of the time. Since then it has changed a few more times, put for the last few weeks i have been loving two very similar/almost identical lipsticks, so i thought i would do a post on them.

Mac - Lovelorn (left) Topshop - Innocent (Right)

As you can see they are pretty much the same colour. However, the price is considerably different. The Mac lipstick cost me £14, which is what you will pay for a standard Mac lipstick, and the Topshop one cost me £8 :) And to be honest the only real difference is the packaging, brand and a slight colour difference, with the Mac one having some blue undertones, making it more of a bubblegum pink.

Mac Lovelorn

Topshop Innocent

Both lipsticks are a beautiful colour, long lasting, creamy, and easy to apply. I just love this colour at the moment, and think it will still be one of my favourites in the summer. These are perfect to wear everyday, as they are not too bright and overpowering. I think that i will definitely have to repurchase them both soon, as i have already used a considerable amount of them both, and cant decide which one i prefer.

Does anybody else love their pinks at the moment?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Angelica nail varnish | Review

I am here to just do a quick review on some Angelica nail polish that i picked up a few weeks ago. It cost me £2.50 from Primark, and is amazing!

They have a massive range of fashionable colours, and i chose Brit Pop which is a multicoloured glitter nail polish. I think it is really pretty! It is also such good value for money!!!
It is long lasting and chip resistant, i have had it on for about 5 days now and it is chip free.
Sometimes glitter polishes can be very clumpy when you apply them, however, this went on so evenly. i will definitely be purchasing some more of these.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

25 things about me.

I thought i would do a different kind of post today :) I have seen a lot of bloggers doing a '25 things about me' post, and thought i would jump on the bandwagon! It just gives you all a chance to get to know me as a person a little bit better, because my usual posts dont really give much away!

Here we go :)

  1. My childhood nickname was Elmo, from Elmo the elephant because my name is Ellie. This actually followed me all the way through high school and college.
  2. I am obsessed with LUSH. Some of you might have already guessed this, but i just love going in their and smelling everything. I  couldn't work there, i would just buy everything.
  3. I work at Primark. I am the weekend supervisor on childrens wear and i love my job. Before i started working there i never thought i would say that i enjoy working in Primark, but i do. The people are great, its such a laugh.
  4. My Boyfriend has a little Jack Russel puppy called Tammy, and i love her! She is the cutest little thing you will ever see. I like to think that she is mine.
  5. I started this blog as a New Years resolution and it is the first resolution that i have ever kept for more than a day.
  6. I have only in the last week learnt how important a good friendship is and how false friendships are better left alone.
  7. My favourite place in the whole world has got to be London. I cant imagine a place to be as amazing as London.
  8. I absolutely love people who are not afraid to be different. I admire some peoples courage, and hope that if i wanted to be different i would have enough courage to do it.
  9. My favourite film of all time has got to be Pitch Perfect, its the only film that i want to watch over and over again.
  10. I love Bruno Mars.
  11. I love the Irish accent, i would happily marry an Irish man.
  12. I cry every time that i watch Marley and Me. I try so hard not too, but its just so sad.
  13. I have a ridiculous amount of lipstick, i would say that my lipstick collection is 4 times bigger than the rest of my make up collection.
  14. I am from North Wales. However, many people have asked me if i am from ireland or scotland? I dont sound anything like an Irish or Scottish person! Crazy.
  15. When i was younger i wanted to be a policewoman or a actress. I never wanted to be a teacher or ballerina like most girls.
  16. I still do want to be an actress. I would love to be in the West End.
  17. My favourite playwright is definately Shakespeare! What a man! 
  18. I secretly fan girl over One Direction. I love them.
  19. I find it really hard to deal with stressy people, because i am not a person to get stressed over things.
  20. My new MOTO is 'If someone wants to be in your life, then they will try their best to be in it. If they dont then they are not worth your time'
  21. I have made so many good friends in university but i still wish my Best Friend, Leah was here. Life would be just that little bit better with her here. Its great how you can know someone for a few years and feel like you have know her your whole life.
  22. I regret not applying for universities in London. I think that i would have learnt a lot more there, then where i am now.
  23. I wish the Spice Girls would get back together! They were my childhood favourites. I remember going to watch their film, and was convinced that when they pointed into the audience they were pointing at me. It made me so happy! haha
  24. I have one Brother. I have always wanted a little sister, so i was so happy when my little cousin Alice came along. The only problem is that she plays with my jewellery haha. I hate the fact that i am not at home to watch her grow up.
  25. I have an amazing boyfriend, who supports me in everything that i do. I am so grateful that i have him. (soppy i know, yuck)
And that is the end of my post! :)
I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. I actually quite enjoyed writing this. If any of you guys have done this, leave the link in the comments and i will happily go and have a read!


Tammy! So cute.

Vichy products | Review

So about a year ago now, i had a breakout of really really bad red blotchy skin. Every time i put anything on my face it would sting and my face felt so tight. It was one of the worst times of my life. It was horrible. Now, i thought that it was my moisturiser that was causing this. This was because other than that i didn't really put anything all over my face. (I don't really wear face make up) So i stopped using my moisturiser and started to research which moisturisers were best for sensitive and dry skin. I wanted something very light and water based, so that it wouldn't be too over powering for my very poorly skin :(

My second pot!

I then came across VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL light pot 50ml moisturiser! There were so many recommendations online for people like me to try this moisturiser. I thought 'Why not my skin cant get any worse' and i popped to Boots and bought it for £16. I did at first think this was a tad expensive, for something which could potentially make my skin worse. However, this immediately soothed and protected my skin. IT IS MY LITTLE LIFESAVER! My skin was healed and back to normal within a few weeks. Since using this my skin has been almost completely blotch free, besides in these winter months, when i have needed a much heavier moisturiser. It has moisturised and hydrated my skin everyday for the whole time that i have had it. I have already bought another pot. (The picture) which i have almost used up.

I just absolutely love this and want everyone to know, how amazing this is! 

I have also bought the VICHY Spa Water Spray 150ml from Boots for £7.

This spray contains 15 mineral salts and 13 trace, which help to soothe sensitive skin. However, i would say that this is suitable for all skin types, because it leaves your skin looking lovely and hydrated. So during these winter months i have unfortunately been getting red blotches, and thought that because of how impressed i was with the moisturiser i would try their mineral spray. Within a few days of spraying this onto my face in the morning and before bed, my red patches had  either disappeared completely or had faded. Now my skin is weird because i get red patches for no apparent reason, and then  i get red patches where my skin is dry. The red patches where my skin is dry were the ones which were still slightly visible, and obviously this has more to do with my moisturiser which is E45 in the winter, than this spray. So i am impressed.

My skin just feels and looks so healthy and smooth. Also when i feel a bit sleepy in the mornings, i put this on and it makes me feel and look so fresh and awake. I love this. It has done my horrible winter skin wonders. 

So, i have come to the conclusion that VICHY products are amazing for my skin. I will definitely be buying some more of their products in the future and will carry on repurchasing what i already have.

*Thumbs UP*

Does anybody have an recommendations on what product i should try next from this brand?


Monday, 11 February 2013

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Review

I apologise for the mess on the packaging! Couldn't get the security tags off.

I have read so many good reviews on these, so i got really excited and went out and bought a few. I bought mine from Savers for around £5...i think. Don't quote me on that.
I got a Pinkie colour called Celestial and a coral colour called Luna. I obviously had to get an Orange one :)
I love how they have named these, i think its clever :) haha.

Anyway, so these have an foam applicator brush which has a hole in it, so that the product collects inside it and you don't have to re dip the applicator. I think that's pretty clever, and its also really easy to use this applicator too which is good. Well designed Rimmel! 

These lip lacquers are so pigmented and creamy. The also seemed to have moisturised my lips which is an added bonus! The colours are so pretty on, they are so bright and glossy. I hate sticky lip glosses, so this really is a great product for me because it is not sticky in the slightest! Meaning that my hair will not be constantly stuck to my mouth, which is SO annoying!



Now as everybody who reads my blog will know, i LOVE Rimmel lip products. And this is the main reason why i was so excited about the release of these lip lacquers. However, it pains me to say this, but i am not really a huge fan of these!

What i want from a lip product is for it too look nice as well as last a long time. Yes these look nice when you first apply them, but within half an hour the colour has faded and has almost completely disappeared!!! I have heard so many people rave about how long lasting these are, so whether i got a bad batch i don't know. Either way i am so disappointed with these, and definitely wont be buying anymore of them.

Now, i am comparing them to the lasting power of the Topshop and Mac lipsticks as well as my all time favourite lip products the Revlon Just bitten kissable lip stains, however, i was expecting them to last a lot longer. So disappointed Rimmel!!!

Has anybody else had any bad experiences with these?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bare Minerals SPF15 Original Foundation | Review

I don't wear foundation, not unless i feel that my skin is looking under the weather. This is normally in the winter when my skin gets all dried out and patchy! I hate them damn red patches!

Just before Christmas i bought the Bare Minerals powder foundation. I had heard so much about it, and how beneficial it can be for your skin. I thought this was a win-win, my patches are covered and its good for them!

I got it from for £21.25, i think, or it may have been cheaper... i think it was on offer. Anyway, i know this price tag seems pretty steep, but its totally worth it. Its still cheaper than a Mac foundation, and its GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN! I know for a fact that i have now found my staple foundation. Its just perfect for me, because it is:
  1. Easy to apply, i use my blusher brush, its a perfect size to buff it onto my skin.
  2. Its good for my skin. I really don't like foundation, i have clear skin, besides the odd red patch in the winter, so i fear that if i wear it my skin will become all disgusting! Ha ha that's the only word i could think of!
  3. It gives medium coverage, and is build able! Perfect!
  4. It is long lasting! Today it survived the rain, the snow and a full day at work.
  5. It feels nice on my skin. Its not sticky or cakey. It doesn't feel like i have any make up on my face.
  6. Its not shiny. It gives a nice dewy, matte finish, which makes it look so much more natural.
  7. It doesn't stick to dry patches! So may foundations that i have tried have stuck to my dry patches! Its.not.nice. 
  8. The product actually lasts such a long time. I have had this like two months now and have used it pretty much everyday, and i have only used a quarter of the pot.
  9. It contains SPF 15. 

Such a small pot, easy to put in your handbag, and still lasts a long time!

I cant express my love enough for this foundation, and i am so glad that i have finally found it!
I recommend this to everybody. This also comes in a massive range of colours, so there is one out there for everybody. I have mine in Fair if anybody is interested.

Since using this, i have also found a great improvement in my skins appearance, it looks so much healthier. You can actually wear this to bed, and it can be beneficial for your skin. However, i personally like to go to bed with a nice clean face, so that my skin can breathe. :) But each to their own!

I hope that this has helped someone in someway.

Has anybody had any bad experiences with this foundation? I don't think i have heard of a bad experience yet, i would be interested to hear what people have to say.

Bye :D

Nail Rock Caviar | Review

 I had seen that lots of people had been rocking the Nail Caviar Manicures, and wondered where they had gotten the set from! Then while i was in London the other week, i found a set in Topshop which cost me £7! I am a massive fan of Topshop make-up and nail varnishes, so i HAD to give it a go! ( I also found an almost identical one in Primark for £2.50, but didn't get it because i already had this one)

I got the gold nail varnish which came with pink, silver, orange and blue metallic balls. They also had nail varnishes in pink and green.
I followed the instructions clearly and when the second coat of nail varnish was wet i dipped my nail into the pot of balls. I then waited half an hour, which is way over the 15-20 minutes on the instructions. And once i thought they were dry i carried on with my business, which was actually writing a blogpost. Not really strenuous on the nails is it?
This is what my nails looked like just after i had finished them.

The two nails that i actually did, were not like this a few hours later!

The balls just fell off. And by the next morning there were only a few left! I was so disappointed with this! Especially when they were so much more expensive than the Primark ones. And i cant imagine the Primark ones being any worse than these. How can they?

I haven't tried it again since. But i have tried other Nail Rock products, and i haven't been impressed with them either. I should have know really...

I really wanted to love this, but i cant say that i will ever re-purchase or even use this again.

*Thumbs Down*

Friday, 8 February 2013

Nail Wraps | Review

This post is actually a request from the lovelyy Hannah! I think its great that someone actually enjoys reading my blog enough to request something! LOVE IT! So thank you Hannah :)
If anybody reading this wants to request something then that would be great, and i will try my best to do whatever you request to the best of my ability! 

Anyway so this post is about nail wraps. Now i have only tried a few, simply because personally i think they are such a hassle to apply. I don't know why, but i really struggle with them. I know some people will agree with me and some people will be thinking "WHAT! But they are so easy to apply!".I just cant quite do it.

 SO first things first. I don't have any photos, because i seemed to have deleted them all  :( so this post is going to lack the ol' visuals! (sorry, i am a failure, i know)

So the first nail wraps that i used, were the ones from Primark. They cost £1, and come in a small range of designs and colours. I chose the metallic gold Aztec printed ones and the floral ones. So pretty! They also come in packs of twenty so you have more then one go with them.
As i have already said, SO HARD TO APPLY. I got them all over my finger as well as my nail. and couldn't get it off without destroying what was already on my nail.
However, once they were on i applied a clear coat of nail varnish and they were done. I was actually impressed with how long they lasted, considering that they were from Primark.  They lasted a day and a half before the first chip and then three days before i had to get rid of them completely. Within this time i also went to work, where i was constantly using my hands, and had a shower. Maybe this had something to do with the top coat that i applied over them but they are still pretty impressive i think. They are definitely worth a try, especially when they are so inexpensive.

Models Owns nail wraps retail for around £7 in Boots, so massively more expensive than the Primark ones. These are 7 times better though! They were actually a lot easier to apply. I would say that they took me about ten minutes! They also come in packs of 20, and also come with a nail file. Which is an added bonus, alongside the fact that the range of choice is a lot greater than the Primark ones. I would say that the designs are nicer. (Thats obviously a matter of opinion, though)
I am SOOOO impressed with how long they lasted! 7 days in total! Thats with 3 days of work, 5 days of uni and everything else! CRAZY! I have never had anything last this long. I am so impressed. I am tempted to repurchase these, just need to practice my application a little more first. If you are looking for a good nail wrap, i recommend these!

While in boots i also picked these up. They were around the £6 mark, i think. I have seen other bloggers raving about these. However, i am not too keen on them. They lasted about 2 days, by which time the edges had started to curl up, and they were extremely chipped. You could also tell close up that these were nail wraps. They looked like stickers on my nails. I just didn't think that they looked nice at all. Very disappointed with these, when the Primark ones did ten times better and were a lot cheaper!!!

I hope this has helped you Hannah, and anybody else who was thinking about using nail wraps. I definitely recommend them to people who aren't very good at nail art and want some funky designs on their nails :) 


Tigi S Factor shampoo and conditioner!

I am so sorry for the massive gap between this post and my last one! Where have the past few weeks gone? I don't even know... time flies!
In the past few weeks, i have bought and tried out so many things! I also visited the Mac shop! So i have lots of reviews to do on that stuff! 

However, today i thought i would do a short post on some shampoo and conditioner that i purchased a few months back and have been using regularly since then.


I got this from and it cost me £32.75 for them both. I know that my mother will have a heart attack when she sees this, but they are totally worth the money! I will definitely, without a doubt be repurchasing these, and am up for experimenting with all of the different ranges that they do.

They are just simply amazing!
If you like me have coloured hair, or even dry or damaged hair then this shampoo and conditioner is for you! (They do have different ranges for all hair types so i do recommend them to everyone)
So before using this my blonde hair looked kind of dull, and faded. After the first wash with this shampoo and conditioner my hair colour was so vibrant! It really did bring the colour out of my hair! The results were just incredible!
And my hair colour is still vibrant and bright, even when i have used a different shampoo and conditioner in between using this. I use this once a week which, for my hair is enough to keep it looking full of life and colour!
When i first put the shampoo onto my hair, i wasn't very impressed with it, because it doesn't lather very well. My hair was also ridiculously tangled and felt so dry while it was wet. However, once my hair had dried it looked amazing! My hair also feels and looks so nourished and healthy. I just love it. This is definitely one of them products that you find, and thank the lord.

I am actually struggling to describe how amazing this is! I think, you just all need to go and buy it and experience the amazing results yourselves! Don't let the price tag scare you away, i don't for one second regret it.


Has anyone else found any great shampoos and conditioners? Or have tried this range?

Bye :D