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Friday, 10 January 2014

All the Glitter | Manicure Monday

Hi guys, so I paint my nails regularly so i thought i would start a series called 'Manicure Monday'. The title is pretty explanatory, every Monday I will post some of the nails that I have worn in the previous week and what products I have used. I would like to add that I am not the best at painting my nails, and I very rarely use any sort of nail art, simply because I am shocking! But I thought it would be  nice for you guys to see what I like to use :)
y nails a lot and my nails are never without a little nail varnish, so I have decided that I will start a little series called

With that out of the way! Welcome to the first Manicure Monday! Woo.

These are the nails that I have been wearing for the last week or so! I have repainted them twice now, simply because I love them. I am one of them people who if they like something will stick to it. 
These were my New Years nails, that is why they are all glittery! I love cracking out the glitter this time of year! I just love how simple they are, simplicity is my thing.

The products that I used for this manicure are actually both from New Look. The white/ silver glitter Polish called Cotton Candy is from Kelly Brooks collection and I believe was £2 ish. And the dark turquoise colour, which is BEAUTIFUL is from their Gold Giles collection. I have had this one a while, but I think I bought it for £1. What a bargain. Both of these polishes are long lasting, and extremely easy to apply. They dry quickly, and just look lovely together. The only con that I can think of, is that  the glitter polish can get a bit sticky depending on how long you leave the lid off of it.( I like to take my time when painting my nails). Other then that they are amazing!


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