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Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hey guys, so i have just found out that Google followers will be ending on July 1st 2013. However, you can all still follow me here on BlogLovin :) you can also follow all of your other favourite blogs.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Glossybox February 2013 | My first Glossybox

How exciting :)

For anyone who doesn't know what Glossybox is, it is a company who sends out samples of beauty products for people to try out. The boxes come monthly, cost £10 a month and contain between 5-6 samples.
I think that this is great because it allows people to try out new beauty products for a small price. Some of the brands that i have been sent, i never would have considered. However, now i have checked out different products from the brands and have been pleasantly surprised.
The boxes also come in such pretty packaging! You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into them.

So, so pretty and PINK. 
With each Glossybox you get a guide on what items you have inside, and sometimes you get discount vouchers for the full sized products in case you want to purchase them.
This months Glossybox was Valentines day themed. So as well as receiving my five samples i also received a heart shaped lolly :) which went down a treat.

I was pleasantly surprised with the box that i got. (Boxes do vary from person to person)

I received:

MeMeMe Fat Cat mascara
Narciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume
Helen E Lipstick
Micabella Mineral blush powder
 Voulez-Vous Body Oil

MeMeMe Fat Cat Mascara
This actually came in the full size, which is worth £7.99. I personally prefer really wet mascaras which have the plastic brushes. So when i saw that this mascara had a bristle brush i was instantly disappointed. I have found that this mascara isn't wet enough for my top lashes, and it doesn't give them enough volume and definition. However, this mascara is perfect for my bottom lashes, and i use this regularly. I don't think that i like it enough to purchase it myself, but i will use it all up.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume
I cant remember what this perfume smelt like, but it was amazing! I have already used up all of this perfume, and am temped to buy the full size when i use up the perfume that i am using at the moment. I had so many compliments on my perfume when i was wearing this, so it mustn't just be me who LOVES the smell! Just wish i could remember what it actually smelt like.

Helen E Lipstick
I got this lipstick in the shade Caribbean which was a Coral red. PERFECT for me! We all know how much i love my oranges. It is so moisturising, and long lasting. I have almost used this lipstick up, i wore it everyday for about a week when i first got it, i loved it that much! When this runs out, i am definitely going to repurchase it. The only downside to this, is that the lid always falls off! I constantly have to clean it, because the lid has come off in my pocket or bag. Other than that it is great! 

Micabella Mineral blush powder
I cant say that i am a big fan of this. The colour is just too dark, for my extremely pale skin. And it is really hard to buff it out on my skin, mainly because of how small the pot is, when i dip my brush into the pot, way to much product goes onto it. I understand that the full sized product wouldn't have this problem, but i just don't like it. I prefer compressed blush powders to this. They are just so much easier.

 Voulez-Vous Body Oil
This is the only product in the box that i haven't used yet. But i have this oil in the flavour Margarita, which i think is kind of cool. Once i have used this i will review it separately :)

Overall, my first Glossybox experience has been a good one :) I have also just received my March Glossybox which i will review once i have used the products inside it!

Primark Embellish Nail Caviar Review

Just a quick post :)

Not long ago i wrote a review on some Nail Rock Caviar that i picked up from Topshop for £7. I wasn't at all impressed with this Nail Caviar, and wanted to see whether or not the Primark one would be any better.

I would just like to start off by saying that the Primark one is almost three times cheaper and comes in a much nicer range of colours. It is also, more importantly a lot better!

Don't get me wrong, it only lasted two days before it was almost completely gone, but it did last considerably longer than the Nail Rock one. AND was so much cheaper! (Cant say this enough)

Applying the Caviar onto the nails is a little trickier with these ones, as you have to pour the balls onto your nails instead of dipping them into a pot. However, the results are still amazing. And it does come with a little funnel, so its easy to put them all back into their pot, without wasting any of them.

I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to rock the Caviar look and doesn't want to waste/spend to much money. Why buy a more expensive brand when this one works perfectly fine? :)

I have a new camera!

I finally, after months of indecision have taken the plunge and bought myself a new camera!

So now my blog will be looking that little bit better, because i wont be using the shitty camera on my phone :)
I also am going to start up a second blog where i will post some of the pictures that i take with it. I have recently gotten into photography and want to try taking some pictures of my own,so my other blog will be a record of my little experiment.

In case anyone is wondering i have bought the Canon SX500, which was around £230 from Argos! 
Its beautiful! Love it, and i totally recommed this camera to everyone!

Once i have made my new blog i will post the link in a post :)

If anyone has any questions about this camera feel free to ask!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara

My make-up must haves, have got to be lipstick, concealer and mascara. I have tried every drugstore and also Mac mascaras possible, and the one that i keep coming back to is this one...

Sorry about this awful shot, i forgot to crop it.

The Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara. I have probably purchased about five of these over the years, so it is safe to say that it is my staple mascara.
This mascara retails for around £7.49 at the moment, and is definitely worth every penny.

Admittedly i do already have long eyelashes so i cant really comment on how effective it is on lengthening your eyelashes. However, it does do a great job in separating my eyelashes and making them look fuller.

I love the brush! It is the perfect shape for a mascara meaning that my eyelashes get the volume that they need, and i do not get mascara all over my eyelids and nose, which i do occasionally manage to do when using other mascaras...:) oops.

Maybelline mascaras are great in general, this is just one which i happened to pick up and really love, i am sure if i tried more of their mascaras i would be equally pleased :)

Sorry that this is such a short post, but i have been SOOOO busy with uni a the moment and thought it was time that i did a little post, as i have been somewhat AWOL for a while! 
I apologise.