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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fashion | Clothes Haul


I love Button backs, especially for the summer time.

So today i have something a little bit different for you guys! I am going to be doing a very small clothes haul from New Look. I never really think about doing hauls, however from now on whenever i buy something new i am going to share it with you all. This is also my first ever fashion related post. Yay!

So to start off with, my favourite High Street store is by far New Look, whenever i go in there i end up coming out with bags of stuff. Around 60% of my wardrobe is from New Look. I just love their products,  as well as their prices, which i believe are reasonable. Now i admit their quality isn't as good as the more expensive places such as Topshop and Zara, however, most of the stuff that i have bought from New Look has done me well. 

I am actually surprised that there isn't any jewellery in this haul, because whenever i go in there i come out with a necklace! New Look necklaces are definitely the best, don't you think? I know i do. That's an idea for a post...

Anyway, lately i have been loving my chequered shirts, especially ones with red in them. Maybe it is because they remind me of the festive season, i don't know, but i have been wearing them a lot lately. So when i saw this gorgeous navy and red one, i had to get it. Some of you may be thinking why do i need more than one? I don't, but i know i will definitely get my wear out of it, so why not :) I love wearing these with just some plain denim jeans or i wear it open with some leggings and a plain dress, my favourite colour to wear with these is grey. The shirt just brightens up the outfit. This one was £17.99 but with my student discount it was cheaper. This shirt isn't particularly very thick, however with a t-shirt underneath and a coat or jacket on top it will keep me warm in these winter months. Love it, love it. Unfortunately i couldn't find this on the website for you guys, so i could provide a link.

The second item that i got is a black and white daisy printed button back top which cost £12.99. I also have a dress from New Look in this print, and i wear it all the time! I just really love floral prints all year around so i know i will get my wear out of this. I thought this top was very versatile, because i can wear it down with some jeans and a cardigan, or i could wear it up with a skirt, some heels, a nice necklace and maybe my leather jacket for nights out. Monochrome prints are very popular this season, and this one is just beautiful and simple. You can find it here.


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