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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

EOS Smooth Sphere Lipbalm | Review

These are a miracle!
I am one of those people who have about a 100 different lip treatments, mainly because my lips are really dry all year around. I had never really found one that i was happy with until i came across this! I think EOS might be my lifesavers.I first discovered this while i was in college, when i saw one of my friends with one. (She actually has a blog! Check Jen out (here).
Since then i have been an addict and have probably used up like 5 of these, and have tried a massive range of flavours.
Excuse my chipped nails.
I have am just going to start with the two downsides to these products. The packaging is way too big to put into your pocket, and when the product starts to run out, you have to start to use your finger, and some of it you still cant get to. So as you can tell there are no major downsides to this lip balm, i am just being picky.

I ABSOLUTELY love these!
They smell so good! Especially the one in the picture, which is the mint one! They do their job perfectly, and they last a long time.They are a little pricey at around £6 in the UK, you also have to get them off sites such as eBay, because they are not sold in the UK, however, all of this is totally worth it.

I recommend these to everyone!


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  1. I have the summer fruits one and I don't like it - I find it sits on the lips rather than moisturising but everyone is different x