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Friday, 8 February 2013

Nail Wraps | Review

This post is actually a request from the lovelyy Hannah! I think its great that someone actually enjoys reading my blog enough to request something! LOVE IT! So thank you Hannah :)
If anybody reading this wants to request something then that would be great, and i will try my best to do whatever you request to the best of my ability! 

Anyway so this post is about nail wraps. Now i have only tried a few, simply because personally i think they are such a hassle to apply. I don't know why, but i really struggle with them. I know some people will agree with me and some people will be thinking "WHAT! But they are so easy to apply!".I just cant quite do it.

 SO first things first. I don't have any photos, because i seemed to have deleted them all  :( so this post is going to lack the ol' visuals! (sorry, i am a failure, i know)

So the first nail wraps that i used, were the ones from Primark. They cost £1, and come in a small range of designs and colours. I chose the metallic gold Aztec printed ones and the floral ones. So pretty! They also come in packs of twenty so you have more then one go with them.
As i have already said, SO HARD TO APPLY. I got them all over my finger as well as my nail. and couldn't get it off without destroying what was already on my nail.
However, once they were on i applied a clear coat of nail varnish and they were done. I was actually impressed with how long they lasted, considering that they were from Primark.  They lasted a day and a half before the first chip and then three days before i had to get rid of them completely. Within this time i also went to work, where i was constantly using my hands, and had a shower. Maybe this had something to do with the top coat that i applied over them but they are still pretty impressive i think. They are definitely worth a try, especially when they are so inexpensive.

Models Owns nail wraps retail for around £7 in Boots, so massively more expensive than the Primark ones. These are 7 times better though! They were actually a lot easier to apply. I would say that they took me about ten minutes! They also come in packs of 20, and also come with a nail file. Which is an added bonus, alongside the fact that the range of choice is a lot greater than the Primark ones. I would say that the designs are nicer. (Thats obviously a matter of opinion, though)
I am SOOOO impressed with how long they lasted! 7 days in total! Thats with 3 days of work, 5 days of uni and everything else! CRAZY! I have never had anything last this long. I am so impressed. I am tempted to repurchase these, just need to practice my application a little more first. If you are looking for a good nail wrap, i recommend these!

While in boots i also picked these up. They were around the £6 mark, i think. I have seen other bloggers raving about these. However, i am not too keen on them. They lasted about 2 days, by which time the edges had started to curl up, and they were extremely chipped. You could also tell close up that these were nail wraps. They looked like stickers on my nails. I just didn't think that they looked nice at all. Very disappointed with these, when the Primark ones did ten times better and were a lot cheaper!!!

I hope this has helped you Hannah, and anybody else who was thinking about using nail wraps. I definitely recommend them to people who aren't very good at nail art and want some funky designs on their nails :) 


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