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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vichy products | Review

So about a year ago now, i had a breakout of really really bad red blotchy skin. Every time i put anything on my face it would sting and my face felt so tight. It was one of the worst times of my life. It was horrible. Now, i thought that it was my moisturiser that was causing this. This was because other than that i didn't really put anything all over my face. (I don't really wear face make up) So i stopped using my moisturiser and started to research which moisturisers were best for sensitive and dry skin. I wanted something very light and water based, so that it wouldn't be too over powering for my very poorly skin :(

My second pot!

I then came across VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL light pot 50ml moisturiser! There were so many recommendations online for people like me to try this moisturiser. I thought 'Why not my skin cant get any worse' and i popped to Boots and bought it for £16. I did at first think this was a tad expensive, for something which could potentially make my skin worse. However, this immediately soothed and protected my skin. IT IS MY LITTLE LIFESAVER! My skin was healed and back to normal within a few weeks. Since using this my skin has been almost completely blotch free, besides in these winter months, when i have needed a much heavier moisturiser. It has moisturised and hydrated my skin everyday for the whole time that i have had it. I have already bought another pot. (The picture) which i have almost used up.

I just absolutely love this and want everyone to know, how amazing this is! 

I have also bought the VICHY Spa Water Spray 150ml from Boots for £7.

This spray contains 15 mineral salts and 13 trace, which help to soothe sensitive skin. However, i would say that this is suitable for all skin types, because it leaves your skin looking lovely and hydrated. So during these winter months i have unfortunately been getting red blotches, and thought that because of how impressed i was with the moisturiser i would try their mineral spray. Within a few days of spraying this onto my face in the morning and before bed, my red patches had  either disappeared completely or had faded. Now my skin is weird because i get red patches for no apparent reason, and then  i get red patches where my skin is dry. The red patches where my skin is dry were the ones which were still slightly visible, and obviously this has more to do with my moisturiser which is E45 in the winter, than this spray. So i am impressed.

My skin just feels and looks so healthy and smooth. Also when i feel a bit sleepy in the mornings, i put this on and it makes me feel and look so fresh and awake. I love this. It has done my horrible winter skin wonders. 

So, i have come to the conclusion that VICHY products are amazing for my skin. I will definitely be buying some more of their products in the future and will carry on repurchasing what i already have.

*Thumbs UP*

Does anybody have an recommendations on what product i should try next from this brand?


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