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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bare Minerals SPF15 Original Foundation | Review

I don't wear foundation, not unless i feel that my skin is looking under the weather. This is normally in the winter when my skin gets all dried out and patchy! I hate them damn red patches!

Just before Christmas i bought the Bare Minerals powder foundation. I had heard so much about it, and how beneficial it can be for your skin. I thought this was a win-win, my patches are covered and its good for them!

I got it from for £21.25, i think, or it may have been cheaper... i think it was on offer. Anyway, i know this price tag seems pretty steep, but its totally worth it. Its still cheaper than a Mac foundation, and its GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN! I know for a fact that i have now found my staple foundation. Its just perfect for me, because it is:
  1. Easy to apply, i use my blusher brush, its a perfect size to buff it onto my skin.
  2. Its good for my skin. I really don't like foundation, i have clear skin, besides the odd red patch in the winter, so i fear that if i wear it my skin will become all disgusting! Ha ha that's the only word i could think of!
  3. It gives medium coverage, and is build able! Perfect!
  4. It is long lasting! Today it survived the rain, the snow and a full day at work.
  5. It feels nice on my skin. Its not sticky or cakey. It doesn't feel like i have any make up on my face.
  6. Its not shiny. It gives a nice dewy, matte finish, which makes it look so much more natural.
  7. It doesn't stick to dry patches! So may foundations that i have tried have stuck to my dry patches! Its.not.nice. 
  8. The product actually lasts such a long time. I have had this like two months now and have used it pretty much everyday, and i have only used a quarter of the pot.
  9. It contains SPF 15. 

Such a small pot, easy to put in your handbag, and still lasts a long time!

I cant express my love enough for this foundation, and i am so glad that i have finally found it!
I recommend this to everybody. This also comes in a massive range of colours, so there is one out there for everybody. I have mine in Fair if anybody is interested.

Since using this, i have also found a great improvement in my skins appearance, it looks so much healthier. You can actually wear this to bed, and it can be beneficial for your skin. However, i personally like to go to bed with a nice clean face, so that my skin can breathe. :) But each to their own!

I hope that this has helped someone in someway.

Has anybody had any bad experiences with this foundation? I don't think i have heard of a bad experience yet, i would be interested to hear what people have to say.

Bye :D

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