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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nail Rock Caviar | Review

 I had seen that lots of people had been rocking the Nail Caviar Manicures, and wondered where they had gotten the set from! Then while i was in London the other week, i found a set in Topshop which cost me £7! I am a massive fan of Topshop make-up and nail varnishes, so i HAD to give it a go! ( I also found an almost identical one in Primark for £2.50, but didn't get it because i already had this one)

I got the gold nail varnish which came with pink, silver, orange and blue metallic balls. They also had nail varnishes in pink and green.
I followed the instructions clearly and when the second coat of nail varnish was wet i dipped my nail into the pot of balls. I then waited half an hour, which is way over the 15-20 minutes on the instructions. And once i thought they were dry i carried on with my business, which was actually writing a blogpost. Not really strenuous on the nails is it?
This is what my nails looked like just after i had finished them.

The two nails that i actually did, were not like this a few hours later!

The balls just fell off. And by the next morning there were only a few left! I was so disappointed with this! Especially when they were so much more expensive than the Primark ones. And i cant imagine the Primark ones being any worse than these. How can they?

I haven't tried it again since. But i have tried other Nail Rock products, and i haven't been impressed with them either. I should have know really...

I really wanted to love this, but i cant say that i will ever re-purchase or even use this again.

*Thumbs Down*

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