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Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday Favourites | Top Six Winter Nail Varnishes

So over the winter I have been loving my dark reds and berry shades as well as some sparkly festive glitter.  This applies to my nails especially. For this post I have chosen my 6 favourite nail varnishes for this winter, I have tried to choose a variety of different shades to show you guys. 

First up are my beloved berry shades. Just look at them... Beautiful!
I absolutely love Essie nail varnishes, they last for an age without chipping, and come in a massive range of colours. They are around £7.99 from boots, however, I think they are worth spending that little bit more, and they come in a good sized bottle. The colours that I have been loving are Angora Cardi which I think will also be nice for the Summer, and Fishnet Stockings, which you could wear all year around. This is my staple red nail varnish, and I have done a review in my recent 'Manicure Monday' post.
I have also been loving two shades from Topshops Matte Nails collection. The shade Dress Up above, and Light Drizzle in the photograph below. They are both gorgeous, dark colours which I have been loving this season.  I used to think that grey nail varnish was boring, but it actually looks lovely on your nails and really stands out. While I love these colours, I must say that I wasn't really impressed I with the formula of these polishes! I love my matte lipsticks and polishes at the moment, so was excited to try these. The polish does last a long time, however, it does not stay matte. The matte layer on top just rubs off within a couple of hours. I was pretty disappointed to say the least. But none the less I still love the colours and will continue to wear them. I think these were £6 from Topshop. Not really worth the extra pound for a matte finish when you could get one of their normal varnishes for £5.

Now of course I had to involve a glitter polish in this post! This one I have reached for numerous times and it is Stunning from Revlon. I actually got this for free before Christmas because I spent over a certain amount on Revlon products. I love this polish, and it is surprising easy to get off considering that it is a glitter polish. I look forward to next winter when I will start wearing this again!
Last but not least I am loving this lovely deep green/blue colour from Gold by Giles, a collection which you can find in New Look. This cost me a pound which is an absolute bargain. I will not go into detail about this varnish, because I have already reviewed it, here

What colours have you been loving during the winter season?


  1. i really wanted to try the topshop matte nail varnish but i'm not going to waste my money if they don't work

    i've also just started blooging i'd love it if you could take a read off my blog, i'm following you on gfc and bloglovin now :)

    Jorden xx

  2. Great colours, however my mind is already on spring and it starts with nails first :)
    Adela x