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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Primark Embellish Nail Caviar Review

Just a quick post :)

Not long ago i wrote a review on some Nail Rock Caviar that i picked up from Topshop for £7. I wasn't at all impressed with this Nail Caviar, and wanted to see whether or not the Primark one would be any better.

I would just like to start off by saying that the Primark one is almost three times cheaper and comes in a much nicer range of colours. It is also, more importantly a lot better!

Don't get me wrong, it only lasted two days before it was almost completely gone, but it did last considerably longer than the Nail Rock one. AND was so much cheaper! (Cant say this enough)

Applying the Caviar onto the nails is a little trickier with these ones, as you have to pour the balls onto your nails instead of dipping them into a pot. However, the results are still amazing. And it does come with a little funnel, so its easy to put them all back into their pot, without wasting any of them.

I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to rock the Caviar look and doesn't want to waste/spend to much money. Why buy a more expensive brand when this one works perfectly fine? :)


  1. I had to count these at stock take and was literally like hmmmm wonder if these are any good? So glad you posted this haha I've never used caviar but for 2.50 may have to give it a go ;) xx

  2. haha. i feel sorry for you having to count all of the cosmetics x