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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I have a new camera!

I finally, after months of indecision have taken the plunge and bought myself a new camera!

So now my blog will be looking that little bit better, because i wont be using the shitty camera on my phone :)
I also am going to start up a second blog where i will post some of the pictures that i take with it. I have recently gotten into photography and want to try taking some pictures of my own,so my other blog will be a record of my little experiment.

In case anyone is wondering i have bought the Canon SX500, which was around £230 from Argos! 
Its beautiful! Love it, and i totally recommed this camera to everyone!

Once i have made my new blog i will post the link in a post :)

If anyone has any questions about this camera feel free to ask!

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