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Thursday, 11 April 2013

St Ives Invigorating Scrub | Review

I absolutely love this!
I have insanely dry, but sensitive skin so any other exfoliators that i have tried on my face, have either been too harsh or not harsh enough.
This one is just perfect. It gets rid of my dry skin and also leaves my face looking really fresh, and feeling soft and smooth.
It also smells delicious, which is an added bonus to the whole thing
I normally use this twice a week, or whenever i feel that my skin needs a little pick me up, and the container doesn't seem to be getting any lighter. I have had this same one for a few months now, and it just seems to last forever. I am normally short for money so when i saw that this retails for £3.99 i was a bit sceptical, because i didn't want to waste more of my money on an exfoliator that wasn't suited for my skin. However, i would definitely say that it is worth every penny, and recommend it to everyone who hasn't already tried it.
(I know that it has been the must have product amongst beauty bloggers for a while now)

I have the Fresh Skin version of the exfoliator, however, there are numerous versions of it to choose from, so they really do aim to please everyone. :)

Has anyone else used this product? Has anyone had any bad experiences with it?

P.s I \am very sorry for my AWOL lately, i have been a very Busy bee. Wont happen again, i promise. <3

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  1. I use the apricot one! My experiences with it have been GOOD so far! I like this product a lot.

    Just followed you on bloglovin, and I hope you can check my blog out, I just started, and it would make my day if you can follow me back too! :)
    Isabel's Beauty Blog