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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lipstick Dupe | Rimmel vs Mac

Kate Moss wearing Shade 20 from her collection.

As we all know I LOVE Kate Moss's lipsticks collection with Rimmel. If you would like to read my blogpost on them I will leave the link here. So when i came across Shade 20, which is a bright fuchsia pink, i had to buy it! The picture above doesn't really give it justice, it is BRIGHT! And i love it!

This is identical to Macs Show Orchid Lipstick, which is almost £10 more expensive! I have been wanting to get this lipstick from Mac for a while, but didn't want to pay the price for something which i would rarely wear. So i jumped at the chance to buy the Rimmel one which really is an excellent dupe.
The finishes are almost identical (the mac one being an Amplified finish)
So if anyone is thinking of buying the Mac one, i would totally recommend this cheaper alternative, which is also excellent quality.

Does anyone else have any good lipstick dupes?


  1. What a gorgeous will bear this in mind as love Mac lipstick but like yourself think they are expensive. Thanks for the Top.

    Carrieanne x

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  3. I love both Rimmel and and MAC. But even though MAC lipstick are 3 x more expensiv, i feel that there worth it as they last on the lips longer!

    Great post! I look forward to reading more on you blog.
    V xx
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    1. Yes i would prefer to have a Mac lipstick. Just wish they were as afordable! thank you :)