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Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Miracle that is Morocccan Argan Oil!


My plan for today was to write loads of reviews and hauls for all you lovely people to read :) However, late last night i remembered that i had work all day today :(


So my plan kind of went down the drain. I do however have time to write one very short review on Moroccan Argan oil. In particular the Organix Moroccan Argan oil Serum 100ml which retails at £6.99 in Boots :)

So judging by the price i dont think this is actually pure Argan Oil and i do not have the bottle to hand to actually find out. If it is, then it is ridiculosly cheap! But it still has great effects on my hair.


I bleach my hair often and also put heat onto my hair almost daily so before i started using Argan oil it was very damaged and dry. Since using Argan oil (A year and a half-ish) i have seen a tremendous change in my hairs health. Little to NO split ends, my hair is no longer lifeless, it is shiny and silky. I am so happy with how healthy my hair is now.

For anyone who does not know what Argan oil is, it is an oil which you put on your hair to deeply condition it. I rub a small amount onto my fingertips and into my hair everytime that i style it, aslong as you dont put it onto the roots of your hair it wont look at all greasy because it is so light. It just makes my hair look so silky and shiny, and whenever i curl my hair it manages to keep my curls looking full for longer.
I also put it into the bottoms of my hair after i have washed it and just before i blow dry it, so i would say that i put it on 3 times a week. Whenever my hair starts to feel dry or i think it is looking a bit lifeless i will cover all of my hair in the oil leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it out in the shower. The results are great!

I recommend that you all go and get this :) its great for all hair types. Your hair will always need a little pick me up once in a while :)

I dread to think what my hair would be like if i hadn't have found this! Lifesaver!

And this is the end of my very short post :)

Thank you for reading. <3




  1. i use really is amazing, my hair is shiny ,moist and light. the greatest thing is it leaves NO residue