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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rimmel Lipsticks!

I have an crazy OBSESSION with lipstick!

My favourite drug store lipstick products that I have come across have got to be the Rimmel lipstick collections. I am a student so rarely have money to buy Mac and any other high end brands, so I have to make do with drug store make-up and the rare expensive treat :)

I have many Rimmel lipsticks so I have decided to chose my 5 all time favourites to talk about in my first ever BLOG POST! (Can you tell that I love them yet?)
So here they are, in all their glory!

Incase you cant see the numbers on the lipsticks I shall list them below:( left to right)

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rimmel collection - 05 - Effort Glam
Rimmel Lasting Finish collection - 016 - Heart Breaker
Rimmel Moisture Renew Collection - 180 - Vintage Pink
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Rimmel collection - 110 (no name)
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rimmel Lipstick - 08- Timeless All

In this picture I have messed up the order so here it is from top left to bottom right:

For some reason they havent given any names to the lipsticks in Kate Moss's matte collection which I think doesn't make them sound as Glamourous! I would best describe 110 as a dark coral / red colour. Haha! However I do love the packaging on her lipsticks which is matte, unlike the other Rimmel Lipsticks which have a shiny packaging. I actually really like the appearance of Rimmel Lipsticks, they all look so elegant, especially Kate Moss's collection which if you cant already tell, is my favourite Rimmel collection.

So this is pretty obvious but at the moment I am loving my pink lipsticks. I used to be scared of using bright colours on my face, however now I just cant get enough! Dont ever be scared of making that statement because it is totally worth it! I am very fair skinned, with blue eyes, and blonde hair. and when I put a statement colour on my lips it seems to completely tranform my face brightening it, as well as making my lips look extremely kissable (which is always a bonus ;) ). Of course not all people like their appearance when they wear bright lipsticks, its all about finding the right lipstick for your own complexion.

The main reasons why I absolutely love these lipsticks:

  1. There are affordable, retailing at between 4-6 pounds depending on offers and sellers.
  2. They come in a range of colours which isn't small enough to not have a particular colour or a near match to a colour that you are looking for, but isn't too big that you are overwhelmed with choices ( I personally hate too much choice, because I end up buying them all!)
  3. They ARE SOOO PIGMENTED! For a cheaper lipstick they are so pigmented! I love love love how easily the colour shows!
  4. They last on your lips, I normally reapply every few hours, which I don't think is bad! I have tried the Maybeline satin range, and I had to reapply ever ten minutes! Not good!
  5. They are so creamy and smooth on your lips, especially the Moisture Renew collection, they really are amazing and do what they are meant to! I have dry skin, so these really do help with moisturising my lips. They also don't highlight the dry skin on your lips which most lipsticks do, which is annoying, so I highly recommend them to people like me with dry skin.
  6. The packaging is stylish, sleek and simple :)
  7. THEY SMELL SO NICE! So I don't know if anyone else likes nice smelling lipsticks, but I DO! I think if a lipstick smells all plasticy like the ones you used to get when you were like 3 (Remember those?) then it wont be any good! At least thats the first impression that I get, so smell is important to me.  And all of these lipsticks have their own unique smells, which gives them that extra wow-factor. LOVE IT!

Here are some swatches! (Top to Bottom)

I just love these colours, they are so feminine, and can be worn everyday or for a special occassion! They are just fantastic!

I am recommending these lipsticks to all of you lovely people who are reading this Blog Post! Of course not everyone will agree with me, but I cannot rave about these enough! I have just ordered two more Rimmel lipsticks which are in a coral colour!I am really starting to rate orange / coral colours at the moment so I might do a post on these when I recieve them! YAY!

I hope somebody out there will read this and find it useful :)

Best Wishes,



  Me wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish - 016 - Heart Breaker (Everyday)

  Me wearing Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish - 110 ( Night Out)

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