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Friday, 18 January 2013

Lipstick sealers/Topshop lipsticks.

I have only really tried two lipstick sealers, and that is because i managed to find one that i like on the second try.

Which is the Lipcote Lipstick Sealer 7ml

I got this from (A website i recommend to beauty lovers) for £3.79, which was  cheaper than the first lipstick sealer that i tried which was the Maybelline Lipstick Locker, that cost me around £5-ish.

The Maybelline one is okay, it kept my lipstick on for a few hours, but i found that everytime i put it on it really stung my lips, and this is the reason why I got the Lipcote one. It also didnt come with any instructions on how to use it.

The Lipcote one does, and i thought this was very useful because i had no idea how to put it on properly. It doesnt sting my lips and my Lipstick LASTED FOR HOURS AND HOURS! I put it on did a 4 hour shift at work, came home had some food and drink and my lipstick was still on and full of vibrant colour! I was pretty amazed at how effective this stuff was. I even took pictures to show you guys! It is still on now, an crazy 8 hours after applying it. I am so impressed with this.

             (Top: First Applied Bottom: 7 hours later)

Lipstick is Topshop - Brighton Rock
As you can see the colour is still vibrant and noticeable, it hasnt faded much at all! When you consider that i have eaten and drank (which in themselves will make most lipsticks disappear) and have been wearing the lipstick for 7 hours, it looks PRETTY.DAMN. GOOD!

I cant even express in words how impressed i am with this!
If you wear lipstick everyday like me then you NEED to buy this. No questions asked. This is definately going to be featured in a favourites post that i have planned for you guys.

Heres the link!

Just incase you want to invest...


Another thing which i wanted to mention briefly in this post are the Topshop Lipsticks. I bought some the other day and i LOVE them! I bought two. Of course one of them had to be an orange (because i am obsessed) and one had to be a pink.  I got the colours Charmed (orange) and Brighton Rocks (pink).

They retail at £8 which i thought was pretty expensive, however, they are so worth it! They are so silky and moisturising, and the colours are so pigmented and long lasting. They are worth every penny! Their lipstick range is quite small and all of the colours are vibrant, so they might not be for everybody, but they really are so pretty. I recommend them to everybody!

I am new to Topshop make-up but i am very impressed with these lipsticks, and also their nail varnishes which are equally as good!

I will definately be investing in some more of these soon.

Thank you for reading my post. If anybody has any questions or anything comment below :) i am always happy to answer.





  1. Great post babes when i saw this post I ran to topshop and i got them !!!
    new follower babes